July 28, 2021 10:20 am

Jessica Knowles

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you the 4 Key Brand Strategies any Business Owner can use to seize profitable opportunities.

Never even heard of brand strategies? It’s ok! There’s no time like the present to learn them and implement them to your business.

The 4 brand strategies I’m about to show you aren’t taught in regular marketing courses, nevermind business courses. So it’s no wonder you’ve never come across them before.

Having relevant brand strategies in place will give your business 4 valuable advantages:

  1. You’ll seize a competitive advantage without being ambushed by competitors
  2. You’ll be the first to spot gaps in the market so you become the BEST and ONLY brand for your audience
  3. You’ll capitalize on your strengths to get more profitable customers and partners
  4. You’ll fuel momentum into the next stage of your business growth, so you stay on track and get there faster

All because these strategies will give you and your team focus, you’ll all know EXACTLY what direction to go in and how.

So, stop leaving your business growth to chance with activities that will only give mediocre results and start planning focused action that’s geared towards the exact results you need to grow your business.

As we all know…

Focused Action = Specific Results

Vague Action = Vague Results

Ok, you now know the impact brand strategies will have on your business but what are they… Here’re the 4 incredible strategies I work on with my clients and I know you’ll love:

  1. CompetitiveKnow how to over take your competition so you’re never left behind
  2. ConsumerKnow EXACTLY how to present your brand so you can grow your loyal customer base (when you increase your loyal customer base by 5% you’ll be increasing your profits between 25 – 95%)
  3. StrengthKnow your true strength so it can fuel your brand’s USP and you can leverage it to your advantage. 
  4. SituationalUncover what opportunities you need to take that will get you to the next stage of growth faster without damaging your current reputation

Click here to see which marketing strategy has helped Rolex to stand out from the crowd for decades.

Using these strategies will stop you adding to the clutter of your market, your customers see hundreds, if not thousands of brand messages a day. It’s time for you to stand out and be chosen!

Once you have your brand strategies you have all the tools, knowledge and resources to create profitable social media strategies that work in getting you more sales. Yes, social media can get you quick sales!

More Sales = More Revenue = More Profit

I’ve recently started working with the amazing Huddle Social, who will turn your curious consumers into brand lovers via the power of Social Media.

If you’re not sure where to start with your social media strategy, or just need a quick refresher, their blog How To Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Business will help you get started. By the end of reading their blog you’ll either be able to uncover what support you need or create a social media strategy yourself.

“But why do I need a social media strategy you might be asking yourself? Without one and having no clear direction or purpose for your social media presence is quite frankly, pointless.”

Maybe you’re thinking ‘this is all great, what do I do now. How do I find the time to implement these brand strategies’. Arrange your free Brand LOYALTY Process call to see how you can get your hands on the life changing framework.

Remember, these 4 key brand strategies are designed to help you achieve your long term goals sooner, whilst grabbing you profitable opportunities and outsmarting your competitors on the way.

About the Author

I work with business owners through my 6 Step Brand LOYALTY Process that allows them to outthink, out-market and out-sell their competition...and dominate their market.

Want to see the 6 life-changing steps for yourself?

We can explore these 6 steps together and see EXACTLY which ones will make your business more profitable, selling more and scalable.

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