June 12, 2021 4:32 pm

Jessica Knowles

Avoid a marketing horror story with these tips below.

If you’re going ahead blindly in your business and are not regularly reviewing your brand to ensure that it and your marketing align with your goals, both long-term and short-term, then this blog-form brand workshop was written specifically for you!

The importance of regular brand auditing

Regardless of your personality or business ownership style, the importance of regular brand auditing can’t be overlooked.

Regularly auditing your brand ensures that you are taking actionable steps towards achieving your end goal as a business. After all, it can be easy to get side-tracked, distracted, or otherwise carried away with short-term campaigns and marketing strategies!

In fact, regular brand audits work to prevent against:

  • Your brand becoming outdated or irrelevant in the eyes of your audience and competition
  • Beginning marketing activities in the wrong order or marketing activities that are ineffective when it comes to achieving your real goals
  • Losing sight of what is valuable to your existing audience

In short? Continuing on with your business without reviewing your brand equates to losing money! Plus, consistent reviews shield you from sinking your finances into paid ads before your website is functioning properly, social media with inconsistent messaging, and other common marketing horror story pitfalls.

What to do instead

An example of a large company that suffered from the mistake of not regularly auditing their brand is Dove: Dove took their eye off the prize to try their hand at being “creative”… which backfired because they weren’t keeping your ideal audience in mind!

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Dove’s limited-edition packaging, which was designed with the intent to present diverse representations of female bodies, tanked when women began posting comments about the body comparisons and how insulting they were. If Dove had reviewed their brand and branding goals before launching this campaign, this mistake could have been avoided!

Here’s what to do to learn from Dove’s marketing horror story:

  • Carry out regular audits and quarterly marketing strategies to stay relevant and on-track
  • Always be ready and prepared to refine your brand to work with your business goals
  • Have a clear focus on what needs improving in order to continue to build your customer base and revenue
  • Keep tabs on which services and/or products appease your existing customer base
  • Specifically audit your brand’s purpose, values, vision, target audience, offering, buying process, and personality for optimal results

My brand success workshop will show you how your brand can make you more profit and evolve into a market-dominating brand

Now that you have the baseline knowledge of how to avoid a marketing horror story via consistent and thorough branding audits, book a quick call with me to learn how a brand audit template and brand success workshop can work in tandem to further elevate your brand’s success.


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