August 10, 2021 4:26 pm

Jessica Knowles

Did you know that maintaining a consistent brand across all platforms increases revenue by 33%.

33% for just being consistent! Is that really worth overlooking?

So when I say ‘brand’, what is it that comes to mind?

Are you thinking…

It’s just a hype, a fancy word for your logo?

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you what your brand really is and the impact it can make on growing your business and getting you more sales.

There’s many misconceptions with the word ‘brand’, if you do think your brand is your logo then it’s simply because you haven’t been told otherwise.

Don’t worry! There’s no time like the present to learn something new.

Your brand is far more than your logo, colour palette and fonts.

Your brand is:

  • The magnet pull that draws people in to engage with your business.
  • The feeling people get when they see your products.
  • Your reputation – good or bad.
  • What people say about your business/products when you’re not in the room.
  • Your business’s culture, message and voice.

Let me share a few examples with you.

For all you ‘networkers’ out there, when you walk into a new networking event for the first time, more often than not everyone is wearing a name badge.

Before you know it, you’re drawn to certain people.

You can’t explain why but you’re thinking ‘we’ll get on’.

You soon find out why, it’s because you share similar personalities, interests, visions, and values.

Once you find out more about them, what they do, who they want to work with. You’re quick to think of ways you can help. Who can you introduce them to that they’ll benefit from knowing?

Their name badge was a way to recognise them, their personality, interests, visions, and values is what you resonated with.

It’s the same for your business. Your logo is your business’s name badge and your brand is how your business makes people feel.

Another example is…

Think of the last time you experienced great customer service.

Maybe you were in your local store, on the phone or using the chat box on a website.

It wasn’t their name, or even hair colour that you remembered (can you even remember it now?).

It was the way they listened, understood and solved your problem. That’s what you remembered and that’s what you’ll talk about when you recommend them.

Again, the same goes for your business. Your logo, or even colours, isn’t what your customers notice. It’s the way your brand solves a problem and makes people feel.

Don’t get me wrong, your logo, colours and even fonts are important.

In fact, 90% of snap judgments on a brand are influenced by colour alone. However, to build meaningful connections with your customers that last you need more than a logo, you need a compelling brand.

Now you know what a brand truly is, you can create and maintain consistency which will increase your revenue by 33%.

I know this can feel overwhelming, maybe this is the first time you’ve ever heard of what a brand truly is and now you have to learn to be consistent with it. Don’t worry! I’ve created a proven 6 Step LOYALTY Process that can guide you to creating and maintaining a compelling brand.

Let’s arrange a call so I can show you the 6 Step LOYALTY Process and how it can financially impact your business. (Only one of the steps is about consistency, explore the other 5 steps to see which step would benefit your business the most)

Will you think of your brand differently now?

About the Author

I work with business owners through my 6 Step Brand LOYALTY Process that allows them to outthink, out-market and out-sell their competition...and dominate their market. Want to see the 6 life-changing steps for yourself? We can explore these 6 steps together and see EXACTLY which ones will make your business more profitable, selling more and scalable.

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