Dominic Scott

About Me

Hi, I’m Jess. I’m a creative and enthusiastic brand consultant experienced in working with both large multi-national companies and solo entrepreneurs. I love working with ambitious business owners to unleash their brands potential, attract more loyal customers and become more rememberable.


My designing journey started at a very early age, even at 9 I had an entrepreneurial spark! I made and sold greeting cards to my neighbours, then at 12, I discovered my love of graphic design and later took it up at college and university.

After studying, my passion for design took me to a world-famous multimillion company as an in-house designer. It was there that I developed skills in design and branding, and most importantly how to use them to increase business growth. I learnt so much, far quicker than I ever expected and soon found myself wanting more. I came to a decision that I wanted to use my skills to support many businesses rather than just one. So, the natural thing was for me to strike out on my own as an entrepreneur and become a freelance graphic designer and brand consultant. I now work with many different types of clients both big and small and I love seeing these businesses grow.

My Work

When I first started in business I found that many clients wanted graphic design support but didn’t have the right foundations in place for their brand. I soon realised that the most valuable way I can support businesses is to use my passion and expertise to produce creative and purposeful graphic design, building the foundations of a consistent and compelling brand.

I use my experience as an in-house graphic designer with a big brand to support businesses wanting to build their own identity. Working with my clients to build compelling brands which really speak to their customer and help them to become more profitable.

The same techniques that big-name brands use to promote themselves can also be used to establish smaller brands looking to strengthen their position. I am a huge supporter of female entrepreneurs, and champion SME’s, especially those with ‘good for us’ products and services. Your brand is my passion!

Are we a good fit?

Do you need a brand consultant? This may be a question you have asked yourself, or perhaps not! However, you may have questioned yourself about the progress of your business, or lack thereof. Many businesses find themselves in the position where they want to grow but are unsure how to start the ball rolling.

I can help if you:

Want to sell more products but are struggling to expand.

Are ready to start producing more products but need more sales.

Want to access a different client but can’t access high-end retailers to stock your products.

Feel your brand is lacking a message, misaligned or nonexistent.

Are ready to venture into a new market.

Are ready to employ more staff.

If this is you I can help you to achieve your goals.

What You Can Achieve

I will work with you using my 6 step process to build a compelling brand that makes your customer buy using emotion and desire instead of logical thinking.

Working with me to build a brand which is perfect for your business will make sure you:

Stay focused and embrace your USP.

Communicate with clarity and consistency tightening your bond with customers and employees.

Stand out and make an impact.

Save money when printing, advertising and manufacturing.

Follow high graphic standards and look sharp every time.

Want to find out more about what I can do for your business?

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