Brand Breakthrough

Does your business need a boost?

Each and every business owner, no matter how big or small should spend time creating and maintaining a strong brand. The best way to assess your brand is by looking from the outside in. This is often hard to do when you are immersed in your business, which is where I come in. I look at your business from the outside and provide a consumers opinion on the message which your brand portrays. Then I take the time to get to know you and your business which allows me to really understand the essence of your brand. Together we will then explore your core message and identify which aspects of your brand need expanding and improving. A clear brand direction is instrumental in driving your business forward and turning browsers into buyers.

Working with me will help you if you:
→ Feel your brand is poor, misaligned or nonexistent
Need a more loyal customer base
Are ready to launch a new product

If this is you a Brand Breakthrough consultation will give you the tools to create both a harmonious culture and a powerful and profitable brand.

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Brand Strategy

Do you need a focused action plan which will achieve your brand goals?

A brand strategy consultation is a completely bespoke service tailored to you and the current positioning of your brand. We will work together to map out your ‘brand essentials’ and define a clear strategy which will ensure your brand remains consistent moving forward.

A Brand Strategy consultation will give you…

Clear understanding of your brand’s essentials
A tailored brand plan to match your business goals
→ Suggestions and solutions to boost your brand

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Bespoke Brand Bundle

Build a compelling brand with my bespoke brand bundle.

This individually tailored service will give you the tools you need to reach more people and better serve your customers. We will build a compelling brand which triggers emotional connections and creates loyalty. Gaining clarity and confidence within your business will allow you to get to know your brand on a deeper level.

Together we will unleash your brand’s potential and create consistent, unique and inspiring branding.

You will walk away with detailed brand guidelines which will authentically communicate your brand’s visual identity, purpose and promise. This will ensure that you can successfully communicate your brand message.

The 6 steps to building a compelling brand:

→ Culture workshop
→ Voice workshop
→ Target market workshop
→ Visual Identity
→ Visual Communications
→ Brand Guidelines

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